Toronto, Ontario’s capital, is known as one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world, counting over 140 languages spoken by its citizens. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto offers its visitors a good variety of cultures, restaurants, modern art and breathtaking outdoor activities, combined with the beautiful Canadian outdoors. While I was travelling around the States last September, I had the chance to enjoy a few days in this peaceful city, and now that I know just a little bit more about Toronto, here is my list of the best 6 places you shouldn’t miss when visiting Ontario’s Capital.

Sunset CN-Tower


View from the CN-Tower

The CN tower is the most recognizable landmark in Toronto City. More than 550m high, the view from the observatory is astonishing. A perfect spot for those who are in love with sunsets and big views. In fact, from here you can admire the best 360 panoramic view of the city. You can also test your nerves while you’re walking through to the glass floor but I hope you’re not afraid of heights!

Glass Floor CN-Tower

The admission price for adults is $36 and $26 for children. The same as many landmarks and attractions, you can also buy your tickets online days in advance.


Nathan Phillips Square

Opened to the public in 1965 just in front of the City Hall, Nathan Phillips Square is the focal point for events in the heart of Toronto city. During the Winter season, the reflecting pool in Nathan square is converted into an ice rink for skating. A lot of events, markets and concerts also bring a nice atmosphere during the hottest season, transforming it into one of the most popular squares in town.


If you’re a big vintage lover and a fan of antique pieces, I don’t think you’ll want to miss this place. The St. Lawrence market is located in the middle of the old town Toronto. During the weekdays this is a very cool local farmers shop, mostly frequented by locals, but on Sundays it becomes the perfect spot for vintage collectors and tourists.


Niagara Falls

This is probably one of the coolest adventures I have ever done in my life. Experience the Niagara Falls should be a “MUST” when visiting Toronto.
If you’re searching online, you will be able to find a lot of different tours and deals.
The tour I choose for myself was organised by the “Double Tree Hilton Hotel”. It cost me $80 for a full day tour. This included pick up from the hotel and a visit to the “Niagara College Teaching Winery” where I had the chance to try for the first time the local Icewine. We stopped for two hours at the beautiful Niagara Village also known as “ Niagara-on-the-lake” where we had lunch.

Niagara Falls

From there we got the boat tour where you can admire closely the power of the Niagara falls and then two more hours to buy souvenirs and eat something before jumping back onto the bus to go back to the hotel. All of this was included in the $80!


Niagara Village

Whether you choose to visit the Niagara Falls with an organised tour or decide to organise the tour on your own, make sure you don’t miss the Niagara Village better known as Niagara-on-the-lake. This tiny little village is only a few minutes away from the waterfalls and it worth seeing. Counting only 17,511 habitants, this place is often described as the prettiest town in Ontario. Amazing spot for photographers!


Opened in the early 90’, the PATH is the largest underground shopping complex in all world. If you are wondering why such a huge underground mall has been opened in Toronto the answer is pretty much easy – “The Weather”!! The winter season in Canada can be extremely cold and wet. The Path provides a safe haven from the weather, and over 200,000 commuters use the Path on a business day.

Have you ever been to Toronto? If yes, I’m curious to hear from you which is your favourite place in town! Don’t forget to leave a comment!!
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