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I’m so excited to start my travel bloog today sharing with you one of my absolute favourite cities.  As you already can see from the title, today I’m going to talk to you about how amazing and incredible Edinburgh is!

I know some of you will have probably already visited Edinburgh, but I’m sure this post will be good for those of you who are planning to visit this city soon and want to get a couple of tips before you go. I will split this post into three parts so it won’t be too long and boring to read. 🙂

In this first part, I will talk about how I discovered Edinburgh years ago and why it is one of my favourite cities in Europe. In the second and third part, I will give you some tips and useful links about accommodation, restaurants, things to do and good spots where you can enjoy the best views of Edinburgh city.

So let’s start now!

“How did I discovered Edinburgh.”

Victoria Street, Edinburgh

Well, the first time I decided to go and visit Edinburgh was back in April 2012. Why did I decide to visit the capital of Scotland? The answer was fairly obvious; the flight was super cheap! My friend Giulia and I were planning to go somewhere together but we didn’t know exactly where to go, so I suggested, “Why don’t we open the Ryanair website and check if there are any offers on there?” We started browsing, picking up a couple of few destinations and then we found “EDINBURGH return ticket for only 29.99€”.


To be honest with you guys, when I was booking the ticket I didn’t even know where Edinburgh was located on the map.  I was super excited about my first trip, all organised by Giulia and myself that I completely forgot that Edinburgh was the Scottish capital.

Waverley Bridge View, Edinburgh

After that first time there though, I felt like I had left part of my soul there… When I came back to Italy after 11 days, I was so sad I promised myself that I would go back again, and have done now 5 times!

This is one of my favourite photos I took last year from the Calton hill. The view is just incredible and if you are passionate about photography I’m sure you will love this spot!

Sunset Calton Hill, Edinburgh

One of the reasons why Edinburgh is so special for me is the atmosphere. When you’re walking around the city, you feel immediately at home and the sound of the bagpipes makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

Royal Mile, Edinburgh

The city centre is so practical that you can walk around with no transport needed.  I remember I popped onto the bus only once just to go visit a couple of friends who used to live in Leith, just 15’mins away from the city centre.

So, believe me when I’m saying that Edinburgh must be experienced first-hand instead of taking public transport….by walking! So try it!

If you enjoyed this first part of “Edinburgh Soul” then you will definitely enjoy the second part, so don’t forget to share it!


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