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As I promised you last week I’m back again with the second part of “Edinburgh Soul”.

Last time I shared with you my personal experience of Edinburgh, with the photos I had taken showing how magical Edinburgh is, but my post today will be a little bit different –  I’ve decided to set out all the links to the websites I used when organizing my stay in Edinburgh so you can take a look and hopefully it will be useful for you!

Edinburgh 2012

“How to reach Endinburgh”

First of all, it doesn’t matter where you live, Edinburgh is very well connected with most of Europe and I’m sure you will be able to find your way there very quickly. From London for example, you can find flights for ridiculous prices (last time I went, I booked my tickets just a few weeks in advance and spent only £18,99 for a return.) I truly recommend you to start looking for your flights at least 3-4 weeks before your journey and you will easily find good deals!

Edinburgh is amazing to visit all year long, but of course there are some specific months where tickets are more expensive than others. From my experience, I have visited the city in February, March, April, October and November and have always been able to find great deals online!

Here are some useful links for booking your flights using popular low-cost airlines:

I took this photo in November 2016.

St Andrew Square, East Princes St Gardens, Edinburgh

The atmosphere during the Christmas period is spectacular! From mid-November to early January you will be able to enjoy the amazing markets that take place at St Andrew Square and enjoy a hot cup of mulled wine while browsing all the Christmas stalls.

One of the most important questions when you arrive in a new city is always:

“How far is it the airport from the city centre?”

Fortunately, Edinburgh is not massive. The airport is only 30/40 mins away from the city via bus. Just outside the airport you can buy the “Airlink” bus service ticket. It’s also important to know the Airlink bus offer you free wifi on board!

Another comfortable way to reach the centre is using the new Tram service. It takes only 30 mins and you can find the platform just outside the airport. This service will take you straight to one of the most popular and central roads of the city, Princes Street.

Another popular question is:

“Where can I sleep?”

Edinburgh offers an incredible quantity of hotels and hostels, and believe me when I say incredible! There are so many places to find accommodation you won’t know where to start looking.

If you’re backpacking and you want to save a few pounds on your accommodation and don’t mind sharing your room with other travellers, my favourite hostel is “kickasshostels

This hostel is very good, the members of staff are super friendly and there’s loads of event going on almost every night like the quiz show and the karaoke night. The hostel is also very close to Edinburgh Castle and The Cowgate,  where most of the best clubs and pubs are.

Kickasshostel Cowgate, Edinburgh

If instead of a hostel, you’re looking for a good and cosy hotel, Motel-One is the one! Rooms are clean and spacious, and the Hotel is located in the heart of Edinburgh.

Just across the road you can find the “Airlink” bus stop to go back to the airport, or the central station if you’re travelling somewhere else.

Motel-One, Edinburgh

I hope you’ve found this post and the links useful for your own travels, and in the next and last post of “Edinburgh Soul” I’ll go over my favourites places for food and drinks, nights out and a selection of my best photos.

Until then, thanks for reading and please don’t forget to share this blog!!

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