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As I mentioned to you last week on Monday, for this post we will go through a few of my favourite places for food, drinks and nights out in Edinburgh.

“If you would like to suggest some of your favourite places in Edinburgh to me and other travellers who are reading this post, please feel free to leave a comment under this post.”

So let’s start then with…

Breakfast and brunch

There are so many different places where you can have a nice breakfast in Edinburgh, but today let’s talk about the two I love the most!

I’m sure for some of you “breakfast” means: A cappuccino with a slice of cake or some yoghurt with cereals and a fresh orange juice, but the traditional Scottish breakfast is slightly different to that. I remember when my friend Giulia said to me years ago “today we are going to have a full Scottish breakfast together!“. For Giulia this wasn’t the first time, but it was for me and to be fair I was super excited about having it!! As an Italian, I thought it was bizarre having beans, eggs, bacon and toast at 9 am in the morning but at the same time, I was super curious to try something different which I never had before.

Just a few meters away from my favourite hostel in Cowgate at the beginning of Grassmarket you can find Auld Jock’s Pie Shoppe. This is a lovely and tiny place where you can enjoy great pastries and the traditional Scottish breakfast from 7:00 am till 12:30 pm.

Auld jock’s Pie Shoppe plate

Auld Jock’s Pie Shoppe unfortunately doesn’t have an official website, but you can find it if you like to go:  118 W Bow, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 2HH.

A few minutes away from this lovely breakfast place you will be able to reach the stunning Edinburgh Castle. (Click here if you like to know more about the history). I would suggest visiting the Castle as the inside is especially interesting, and if like me you are passionate about photography, you will love the amazing view. The ticket costs £17 per person but if you are in a group of friends or a family group, I would suggest visiting the official website and you may be able to find a good deal.

Edinburgh Castle 2013

Of course, I couldn’t eat that massive breakfast every single day, so during my journey I decided to walk around the city trying lots of different local coffee shops for breakfast. One which I really loved the most is Lovecrumbs. I remember I discovered this place because I got attracted from massive cake display behind the front window, so I thought it was a good idea to try it.

Lovecrumbs 2015

Their homemade cakes are incredibly delicious and the coffee is very good too – there is a nice and relaxing atmosphere in there and staff are very friendly. For me, this is one of the best coffee places where you can start your day. Without going into too much detail, Lovecrumbs is just perfect!

Lovecrumbs, Edinburgh 2015

I’m pretty sure that if you’ve started your day with the traditional big breakfast, you will probably skip this next part! But if instead, you’ve decided to have a light breakfast you might be interested to read on about you can eat lunch for good prices.


Edinburgh is a multicultural city with lots of different types of cuisines on offer. You can enjoy some traditional meals or go for something completely different. There are also the standard big chains you would expect in all big cities, but I’m always trying to don’t go there.

For me and my friends, one place which is now a must every time I’m going to visit them is 10to10. This lovely restaurant is open from 10am until 10pm, and is perfect for those who love Indian cuisine. Prices are great for the portions you get, and if you are a student you can even have 10% off 😉 Also don’t forget to try the chai latte because is very good!

10to10 Restaurant, Edinburgh

Normally I’m not eating too much for lunch as I usually spend more time exploring and walking around, but another great place to go is The Dome.

The Dome is one of the most famous venues in Edinburgh, located in George Street in the heart of the city. I would suggest that you book your table in advance if you’re planning to go because it’s always very busy.

The Dome, Edinburgh 2016

I took this picture in the Dome back in November 2016, when I was in Edinburgh for the Christmas stalls. I had an amazing afternoon tea here and the Christmas lights inside were great!

“Drinks and night out“

It might sound incredible, but in Edinburgh it doesn’t matter if it’s Monday, Tuesday or Friday night, people here are having fun almost every night! Pubs are always open and full of people, and from 5 pm you can start noticing that they’re getting super busy.

Something you must try when you’re visiting Edinburgh is the whisky. One time I went into a whisky shop and I spent quite a long time trying out all the typical Scottish ones. I’m not an expert, but the guy who served us was super passionate and after few taste tests, I decided to buy one small bottle for myself.

If you want to go out party, don’t worry you can find all types of events. The most popular pubs are based between Cowgate and Grassmarket, but there are lots more spread all over the city.

My favourite one is the Bongo Club, during the weekend there is a lot going on there and you can have so much fun. Plus next to it there are some more clubs so you can pop into all of them in one night.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this final post about Edinburgh. If you have any questions at all about my experiences there or any other places to visit, please feel free to message me!

Next week I will talk about my experiences in another great city, BERLIN! So stay tuned.


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