Based on my experience, here some useful tips on how to organise your summer holidays in Palma de Mallorca with a small budget!


Buenos Dias backpackers!!

I’m pretty sure some of you have already seen some photos I posted on my Instagram page a few weeks ago, and because I’ve really enjoyed my trip to Mallorca, I decided to start writing this post as soon as I got back to London.  I really wanted to make sure I could give you more detailed information about this amazing place this time, so I noted everything I was doing during my journey. I also spent some time driving around the island trying to find stunning places where I could take good photos and of course wild beaches where I could enjoy the beautiful sea of Mallorca.

“I think Palma de Mallorca it’s a very good destination for everyone, good for families with kids and great also for a young adult too.”

Port de Soller view


Months ago, when I started planning to go somewhere for my holidays, I found an amazing deal with Ryanair. I paid just £72 for my return ticket from London Stansted to Palma de Mallorca, and this sounds incredible to me especially if you’re thinking that flights are normally more expensive in July, due to the peak season.  Out of curiosity, few weeks before I left, I checked the prices for the same flight and as I was expected prices were completely different, £142 was the cheapest one-way ticket I could find!  This is the reason why I always book my flights few months in advance, it permits me to travel a lot without spending ridiculous amounts for my tickets.

My flights booked, I started looking for a good place to stay with

“Apartamentos Calablanca”

My plan was to discover as much as I could within five days. Looking at the map on Google, I decided to book my accommodation in “Palmanova“. For me, this was the smartest thing to do because we were very close to Magaluf (which is good for nights out and fantastic cocktail bars in the evening) and not too far away from Palma city (only 16 mins drive). The apartment I booked was called “Apartamentos Calablanca” and the price for a three bed flat for 5 days was €434 to divide for 3 people. The reason why we opted for the flat instead of the hotel is simple, you have absolute freedom to do everything you want.

My way to Mallorca

From my flat in South London, I called a cab around 4:40 am to go to Stratford (East London) where I took the “National Express” coach service at 5:15 am to arrive at the airport on time. The National Express ticket costs £10 per person and you can buy it online or right there at the bus stop. If there’s no traffic on the street it takes around 45-50 mins but you can also get the train from Liverpool St. However, it will cost you twice the price going from Central London.

My flight was at 7:30 am from Stansted Airport and the gate was closing at 7 am, arriving there a bit earlier permit us to enjoy a coffee before departure.

From Mallorca Airport

One of the main questions people ask when they’re travelling around the world is mostly the same one.   “How can I get to my accommodation from the airport?”.  I know it is always very stressfully when you are travelling for several hours and once you land that’s just half of the travelling. But Palma de Mallorca isn’t that far from the airport at all. If you like you can rent a car straight from the airport but normally prices can be quite high. Just outside the airport, you will be able to find lots of cabs or if you don’t want to spend too much there are also several buses linked to the city.

I personally took the cab from the airport because when we arrived at the bus stop our bus had just gone and we didn’t want to wait 30mins for the next one, plus we met a guy from London who was exactly in our same situation and we decided to share one cab to Palmanova for €8 each. ( The bus ticket was €5,50 one way).

Car Hire

Renting a car in Mallorca is very easy, and after my experience, I recommend it as the best thing to do if you want to visit more than one place. There are a lot of small shops all over where you can pop in and book your car for the following day at 9 am. All you need for hiring a car is your driver’s license, passport and bank card. All you have to do is return it when you’re done with it, with a full tank of petrol. Just show them your receipt after you top up.

Port De Soller
If you decided to go on holidays in Palma de Mallorca and you want to know more about, well, just make sure you don’t miss next post “THE BEST OF MALLORCA IN 5 DAYS”. 
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