Having just a few days to dedicate to yourself, I’m sure there is nothing  better than knowing exactly where to go and what to do!

Based on my previous experience, here you can find a list of places that I recommend you to see in Mallorca within a few days.


If you’re visiting Mallorca, especially in summer, I’m sure it’s because like me you want to enjoy the beautiful weather and the quiet beaches this island can offer. A few weeks before I went I did some research regarding the best “Playas” around Palmanova and as usual, the most rewarding places are always miles away. But don’t worry, here you will be able to find some great places where you can enjoy the sea not too far away.

Cala Mago

Cala Mago

Playa del Mago is located next to the small Village “Portals Vells” only 6 km from “Magaluf”. It is situated in a small cove with flats cliffs around and lots of greenery. This white sand beach is perfect for those who love a bit of privacy. The beach, in fact, isn’t that big so I suggest you arrive a bit early so you can find some space.

Cala Cap Falco

Cala Cap Falco

Cala Falco is also another great beach very close to Magaluf and Palmanova. I would suggest this place if you want to also enjoy some cocktails on the river due to the great cocktail bar.

Paguera Tora Beach

Paguera Beach

Cala Fornels

Cala Fornells View

Cala Deia

Cala Deia

I hope you are a great driver if you’re planning to go to Cala Deia, the road is extremely tiny and full of turns. Driving my Panda there was a real mission, especially on my way back, this is the only beach I found where you must pay to park but except that this Playa is phenomenal.

A day Tour in Valdemossa


Located just 17 km from the capital city Palma, Valdemossa is an amazing town in the heart of Tramuntana mountain. The scenery when you’re driving to Valdemossa is stunning and this little town is well worth the visit. For my last day in Mallorca, I organised myself a little tour through the beauty of the island. I decided to drive from Palmanova to Valdemossa, and then from Valdemossa to Deia where I discovered an incredible cave beach. After this little adventure, I drove from Deia to Port de Soller, which is about 34km (north) from Palmanova, because I’ve heard about a famous observatory where you can see an amazing sunset.

The view from the observatory was extremely beautiful and if you are there with someone you love it can also become a very romantic moment.


After we watched the sunset we decided to have a nice walk in Port de Soller and also have some food before driving back to Palmanova. There are so many different places where you can eat here. We decided to go to “Ciales” restaurant, the food was great and the price wasn’t expensive at all. Another good and nice place we found in Magaluf was “Pirates Beach”, this cool place offers mainly grilled meat, but if you are vegetarian like me you can still enjoy some salads and also a great vegetable burger with sweet potatoes. This place also has fantastic cocktails and live music.

Another restaurant I can recommend is “GF Beach house” if you’re looking for a nice paella here the right place. I’m sure there are tons of places where you can eat the typical paella around all island but I loved this place because was just in front of the sea, portions were great, and staff very friendly.

Ps: if you’re visiting Palma city don’t forget to eat the delicious ice cream from La Gelateria. They have so many different flavours that it will probably take you 20mins to make your decision”.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this post of Mallorca and please don’t forget to watch the video I made with the GoPro on youtube. Feel free to leave some comments and if you already have visited Mallorca do not hesitate to share your experience with me!
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