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In August 2012, Me and my friend Andrea decided to visit one of the greatest capital in Europe… BERLIN!

The Mural Legend in Berlin

In that period I used to live with my parents in Italy and a few months before, when I was coming back from my first trip to Edinburgh, something inside me wanted to keep carrying on discovering the world. Because my first experience had been so great, why not buy another ticket to go somewhere else? I was thinking about which was the best place to go nearby at the end of August, having only five holiday days left. As I normally do, I opened the Ryanair website and started browsing online.  (I found a return ticket for only 49,99€ per person).

The nearest airport to go to Berlin was Orio al Serio – Bergamo, almost 3 hours by train from my parent’s house. The distance wasn’t an issue at all, the main issue was that our flight was at 6:30 am, and unfortunately, there are no regional trains running during the night in Italy.

My friend and I decided to get the train from Trento at 7 pm to go straight to the airport the night before. I know it sounds crazy to stay awake all night waiting for our flight, but there were no other options. We met a lovely couple on the train that night, they were travelling to Marsa Alam in Egypt for their honeymoon and once we arrived at the airport we spent some time playing table games all together while we were both waiting for our gates to open.

“Trains to Berlin”

The quickest way to get to the centre is using the regional train. It takes approximately 30’mins to reach Alexanderplatz station from the airport.

Alexanderplatz is the largest public square and transport hub of Berlin, you can buy the tickets in one of the machines just outside the terminal, but don’t forget to validate them!

Alexanderplatz station, Berlin 2012

As one of the most culturally rich cities in the world, Berlin is a great destination for those who are looking for a piece of history, good food, music and art. In fact, in Berlin you can find lots of interesting galleries, bars and restaurants spread all over the city.

“Where to stay in Berlin”

When it comes to find a place to stay in Berlin, you could easily get lost for the many choices you have. If your looking to meet other travellers and enjoy that kind of hostel fun vibes “One80hostels is the right place for you! The location is great just few minutes walk from Alexanderplatz, affordable room prices, friendly staff and clean rooms. There’s also a nice club in the building too!

When we arrived in Alexanderplatz that morning, we were so knackered from the journey that the first thing we wanted to do was eat something quickly and go straight to the hostel for a little nap before going out.

The real street food Alexanderplatz 2012

We decided to have street food while asking for directions, (having a delicious hotdog for only 1,35€).

For our stay we booked a shared room with 4 beds and a private bathroom which it cost us approximately 20€ per night. It’s an amazing price considering the location.  Andrea wasn’t keen on sharing a room, however, the two awesome German girls we shared with turned out to be great, and we spent loads of time together!

I remember the first night, when  we both came back to the hostel – they had left us a little note on the floor saying

Buona notte strangers, we are your new roommates” signed Fiona & Funda.

The Unexpected note

One of the greatest perks when it comes to travelling is the amazing people you can meet, who you somehow become ‘friends’ with it. Seeing this little notes that my new roomies wrote for us made me so happy. It was comforting to know that these random people have now because more than my random roomies. Life is piled with a number of surprises, this as to be one of the greatest of them all for me.

Funny enough, I’m still in contact with one of them! And she will come to visit me in London very soon!

Going back to my actual Berlin journey, after seeing that note, we all collided into one lovely travelling group who explored the beauty of Berlin together!

Berlin 2012

I hope you enjoyed the introduction of “The unexpected Berlin”. As I did with Edinburgh Soul, I decided to split this funny post into two parts so it will be easier for you to read it.

So get ready for more photos and more tips about Berlin next monday!!

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