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As you can already see from the title, today I will talk about my short trip that took place just a few weeks ago in Cardiff, Wales. 

Visiting the Welsh capital has not only been very cheap but also extremely interesting at the same time. I had the chance to discover so much about the city within two days that I couldn’t not to share my experience with you.

Cardiff Bay

My way to Cardiff”

Because I’m living in London when it came to organising this journey the main question was – “How should I travel this time..

Train or Coach?

I chose to travel with this time because it was the most convenient thing to do. I was just browsing online and I found a return ticket for only £7, to be fair this isn’t the first time I’m traveling with Megabus and if you wish to discover some other places around the country I truly recommend you have a look at their website ( because most of the time you can find amazing prices.

Where to get the Megabus from?

If like me you live in London, you can get your Megabus from “Victoria Coach Station” and it will take approximately 3h30 mins to get to Cardiff city. It seems like a very long journey but trust me, it is not. The countryside looks amazing and you can get lost for hours just watching outside the coach window.

Where to stay

I used to reserve my accommodation. I organised everything at the very last minute, so I decided to get a hotel room for me and my friend at “The big sleep” in the heart of Cardiff for only £42.50 each for two nights. (Our room was really big with an amazing view of Cardiff from the 5th floor, a big TV and private bathroom.)

The location of our hotel room was great because we were just short walk away from the most important landmarks and attractions of the city.

Wales flag

Cardiff City

My overall opinion about Cardiff is positive and even though Cardiff is known as the largest city in Wales, it’s quite easy to explore. There are a lot of monuments, museums, theatres, pubs and clubs in town, and for those fanatics of shopping, there is also a huge mall right in the middle of the city (the  St. David’s) with all the most well-known brands. Something I think everyone would love to do if it’s not raining is to enjoy the incredible outdoor activities  Cardiff can offer. You may be able to play golf at the famous Cottrell Park or have a nice trip with the open boat through the river, rent a bike, visit some nice farms with your kids.

Talking about the outdoor activities, during my visit I had a day where the weather was really nice and warm, so I had the chance to great photos and enjoy my stay even more.

Something I recommend you to see:

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle

This Castle was built in 1081 and it represents the heart of Cardiff City. You can find the castle open every day from 9 am to 6 pm and the ticket to get in it cost £15.50 per person if you’re buying it there and £10 if you’re booking your tickets in advance online. ( I bought mine online at my arrival so I also managed to skip the queue)

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

Another place I loved and I truly recommend you to visit is “Cardiff Bay” which is located on the south side of the city. Using the “waterbus” service instead of the local bus it will make your experience even nicer and relaxing.

River Taff, Cardiff

This public service operates along the River Taff. Local people use it as an alternative bus to skip the traffic on the road but for travellers and tourists, it can also be another way to do something different. From the ”Bute Park” stop it cost me £4 to reach Cardiff Bay and it took about 20mins, £7 the open return ticket (PS. you can only pay cash).

Afternoon tea


Once I finished exploring the castle I decided to take a break and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea at “Pettigrew” located just at the entrance of the “Bute Park”. It cost me £15.50 for two rounds of sandwiches per person. (I think it’s worth it compared to the prices you can find in London.)

Bute Park


The Bute Park is located just next to Cardiff Castle and if you are a nature lover in this park you will be able to find a splendid tree collection. This is the perfect spot for a nice coffee or afternoon tea outside.

Roath Park

Roath Park Lake

Cardiff Roath park is located in the north of the city and is known as one of Cardiff’s most popular parks. And it’s true, this park has recently been awarded the prestigious Green Flag award to recognise its high quality and its importance to Cardiff. If you are looking for few hours of pure relaxation this park is perfect for you.

National Museum

Cardiff National Museum

There’s lots going on in The National Museum in Cardiff, starting from the amazing art exhibitions ending with the interesting side of The Natural Gallery. The entrance is Free, except for few exhibitions that may have a separate charge. The museum opens on  Tuesday – Sunday from 10am-5pm.

Wales Millennium centre

Unfortunately when I wanted to visit the stunning site theatre the queue to get in was extremely long and slow, and because I didn’t have a lot of time I missed it. Here’s the website if you want to know more about the Wales Millennium Centre.

There was still a lot to visit, but two days went very quickly. I’m sure one day I’ll have the chance to go to Cardiff once again. For now, if you want to see some more about my journey to Cardiff Click here and watch my GoPro video on youtube.

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